Genesys Logic Streamlines Processes

Gains greater visibility with business process management, increases productivity

Gains greater visibility with business process management, increases productivity

Cary, NC — March 22, 2004 — Genesys Logic Inc., an international provider of high-speed transport interface technology, said it is using the Ultimus BPM (business process management) Suite to reduce the time it takes to complete processes, from sales to administration, and to increase visibility into overall company operations.

To date, eight different departments have deployed the Ultimus solution, and the company plans to streamline additional tasks across other departments.

A fast-growing global business which develops USB (Universal Serial Bus) 2.0 Flash Drive controllers, the Taipei-based Genesys Logic has incorporated workflow automation in nearly every process. While GenesysLogic uses the Ultimus BPM suite within its sales force for lead management, customer service and order canceling, it also employs Ultimus for the administration of purchase requests, customer credit reviews, and in research and development for sample requests, macro lists and layer adds.

The company said it has already experienced benefits from BPM, as manual processes that once took more than seven days can now be completed in two days and are fully automated. The increased productivity has prompted Genesys Logic to eye more improvements as it plans to implement the Ultimus BPM solution across other departments this year.

"With the Ultimus BPM Suite, we are able to focus less on administrative duties and devote more time and attention to our customers' needs, as well as the company's core mission," said Kevin Liu, deputy manager of the MIS Department at Genesys Logic. "This ability to gain visibility into nearly every part of our business simply wasn't possible before, and the Ultimus BPM Suite enables us to make better business decisions, contain costs and improve inter-departmental processes."