TECSYS Announces Distribution-Centric RFID Solution

Says EliteSeries offering, due out in June, can help distributors comply with industry mandates

Says EliteSeries offering, due out in June, can help distributors comply with industry mandates

Montreal — March 24, 2004 — Supply chain solution provider TECSYS has released its EliteSeries Enterprise Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) solution, intended to allow distribution-centric organizations to deploy RFID within their operations to comply with requirements from organizations such as Wal-Mart and Target and to increase warehouse efficiency.

RFID technology eliminates the line-of-sight requirements of current barcode systems and automatically provides basic yet critical information about products, such as item number and item location. Within a distribution warehouse, this can enable increased order and inventory accuracy.

Integrated with the back office, RFID can deliver improved customer service and compliance with trading partners that demand RFID identification on pallets and packages.

"The adoption of RFID within the supply chain is a given," said Nam Vo, senior vice president of business development at TECSYS. "We're seeing regular announcements from the retail and healthcare industries and government on the mandate of RFID as a method for doing business."

Vo added that TECSYS saw a need for a low cost, easy-to-deploy RFID solution designed specifically for distributors, and that the company believes it is delivering a solution that meets those requirements with its EliteSeries RFID solution.

TECSYS said its RFID solution, due out in June, is not an add-on technology but rather an integrated component of the provider's core EliteSeries enterprise business management suite of applications. EliteSeries identifies all the trading partners and internal processes that require RFID and automatically enables RFID technologies for them, TECSYS says. Disappearing into the background, RFID simply becomes part of day-to-day operations.

"Our extensive experience in distribution enables us to assist our customers in taking advantage of RFID in ways that are designed for their individual business needs," commented Vo.

Robert Colosino, TECSYS' vice president of alliances and technology strategy, suggested that the provider's experience in distribution enabled the company to help its customers in taking advantage of RFID in ways that fit those customers' individual business needs. "EliteSeries RFID is designed to coexist with current warehouse practices, so staff will not have to learn any new processes or familiarize themselves with the technology," Colosino said. "It is business as usual, except with all the benefits of RFID."

TECSYS has partnered with Intermec Technologies, a provider of RFID technology, to deliver an offering that, the company says, includes all the needed RFID hardware, including printers, scanners and tags.