Korbel Set to Uncork New Solution for Grape Receipt & Payment

Vintner working with eSkye on module to support weigh bridge operations, multiple grower contracts, delivery schedules

Vintner working with eSkye on module to support weigh bridge operations, multiple grower contracts, delivery schedules

Indianapolis, IN — April 13, 2004 — Korbel Champagne Cellars is partnering with beverage industry solution provider eSkye Solutions to create a new module for managing the grape receipt and payment process, working to develop new functionality around module to support weigh bridge operations, multiple grower contracts and delivery schedules.

Korbel, a long-time customer of eSkye's Wine Production System (WiPS), is the largest bottle-fermented sparkling wine producer, the 17th largest winery and the fourth largest brandy distiller in the United States, making the receipt and payment process critical to their business.

WiPS' new payment and receipt module supports weigh bridge operations and multiple grower contracts with varying payment metrics, giving winemakers the tools to manage this aspect of their operations. In addition, the ongoing data collection and storage provide for better visibility to the performance of various growers and vineyards.

Paul Ahvenainen, director of winemaking for Korbel, said that the value of WiPS for the company is that it helps Korbel manage the winemaking process in a multi-facility environment.

"In order to make the best wines, in an efficient and profitable manner, we need to be able to share resources," Ahvenainen explained. "WiPS helps by easing the flow of information between the wineries and between departments within the company. The addition of the grape receiving and contract management module will expand the capabilities of the WiPS program in a vital part of the winemaking process."

Capabilities of the WiPS Grape Receipt and Payment Module include all weigh-scale operations, weigh master certificate generation, grower fees and payment terms, sugar points and caps, delivery schedule by date and plant, vendor contracts, grower payment calculations, and reporting and analysis tools.

Korbel processes 45,600 tons of fruit at four Sonoma County locations and one in DiGiorgio, Calif. This fruit comes from company-owned vineyards and contracted growers, and 32 varieties of grapes from multiple appellations are processed into 1.2 million cases of sparkling wine, 500,000 cases of still table wine, 400,000 cases of brandy and 1.5 million gallons of bulk wines at seven production facilities.