Choice Logistics Taps New Service Partner for Europe

Base Logistics' distribution center capabilities to support forward, reverse logistics

Base Logistics' distribution center capabilities to support forward, reverse logistics

New York — April 15, 2004 — Choice Logistics, a provider of service asset supply chain solutions, this week announced a new partner to support its forward and reverse logistics capabilities in Europe, saying that its presence in this market will help companies simplify formerly troublesome international transportation restraints.

In March, Choice transitioned the management of over 40 strategic stocking locations (SSLs) throughout Europe to the management of a new service partner, Base Logistics. Base's European distribution center capabilities will also support Choice's forward and reverse logistics offerings.

"As we continue to grow our business globally, we need to make sure that our partnerships are positioned to grow with us, and that our partners have the expertise to provide our clients with the valuable regional insight that we depend upon," said Rob Kass, Choice's president. "Base is more than capable of exceeding these expectations. Base's expertise in European logistics and trade practices, as well as social mores, is exactly what we were looking for in a European partner."

Since expanding to 250 active SSLs worldwide, Choice said it has transitioned the roles of direct regional support to that of a centralized headquarters operation. Each region has an operations center that provides staff with local expertise and multilingual capabilities. With direct access into Choice's online system, these regional operations centers provide a first line of operational support to the SSLs in their geography.

Today Choice operates regional operations centers in Mexico City, Toronto, Rotterdam and Hong Kong. Choice said its New York City-based global logistics center backs up all the company's activity worldwide.

"It is our responsibility to make sure that the services provided in Beijing, China, are equivalent to the services received in either New York or Los Angeles," said Kass. "This, in effect, is similar to what you would expect when walking into a McDonald's anywhere in the world. Although the menu choices might vary slightly, the Big Mac will always taste the same."

Sam Mikles, senior manager for logistics operations at Hitachi Data Systems, noted that his company has been using Choice internationally for three years. "There is no difference in the service we get, whether it is an international location or Salt Lake City," Mikles said.