ThyssenKrupp Budd Implements Time and Labor System

Solution interfaces with previously implemented SAP, eliminates extra steps for employees

Solution interfaces with previously implemented SAP, eliminates extra steps for employees

Miami Lakes, FL — May 19, 2004 — Kaba Benzing, a provider of time and labor management systems, today announced that Troy, Mich.-based ThyssenKrupp Budd's chassis stamping and systems plant will begin implementing Kaba Benzing's B-COMM time and attendance and labor reporting software for SAP solutions to simplify reporting of their approximately 700 employees.

B-COMM time and attendance/labor reporting software for the SAP R/3 software solution links Kaba Benzing terminals and other hardware data devices to SAP R/3 Release 3.1 to 4.7 (SAP R/3 Enterprise). It automates and validates the collection of employee and labor data for entry into the mySAP Human Resources (mySAP HR) solution, the time management application, and other SAP applications.

"As we moved from a legacy time and attendance system to the SAP R/3 software solution, we wanted to use a proven time and labor management system that would interface with it," reported Mohammed Peracha, ThyssenKrupp Budd MIS General Supervisor. "We wanted to use a system that others were using, not a new, unproven software."

The core of the B-COMM software is a SAP-certified interface that helps ensure faultless data exchange between the individual SAP applications and the data collection devices, according to Kaba. This interface is kept current with all new SAP technical developments. All data maintenance takes place in the SAP solution.

Previously, the plant used a bar code based system. Now, the new system at ThyssenKrupp Budd's chassis plant incorporates proximity card readers at the turnstiles where the employees clock in. At this point, their clock-in time is captured and sent to the SAP R/3 software solution. According to Peracha, this eliminates a step for the employees who no longer will need to go to the bar code readers to clock in. With this new system, they simply walk through the turnstile with their card and their time is recorded.

"Like so many other automotive companies that have made the switch to the SAP time management component of mySAP HR, ThyssenKrupp Budd needed to have their time clocks and time data collection interface with their new SAP software solution," emphasizes John Edwards, President and General Manager of Kaba Benzing America. "Similarly, this ThyssenKrupp Budd plant is easing implementation by selecting a proven SAP partner with a certified interface. We have over 800 such installations throughout the world."

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