PeopleSoft Aims to Reduce Install Times

New release of EnterpriseOne Tools also adds support for Linux, Weblogic; Apple Safari certification in the works

New release of EnterpriseOne Tools also adds support for Linux, Weblogic; Apple Safari certification in the works

Pleasanton, CA — July 1, 2004 — Enterprise solution provider PeopleSoft this week released the latest version of its EnterpriseOne Tools solution, adding functionality to increase productivity and reduce installation times, as well as support for the Linux operating system and BEA Weblogic infrastructure.

In other news, PeopleSoft announced plans to certify Apple Safari, a browser for Macintosh computers, for EnterpriseOne solutions.

PeopleSoft said that EnterpriseOne Tools 8.93 simplifies the user experience by aggregating all tasks that need to be completed on a single screen rather than having to access multiple screens. This enhancement is targeted at power users and intended to reduce the number of steps it takes to complete a business process.

The solution provider also said that it had optimized the install scripts for version 8.93, reducing the time it takes to install the EnterpriseOne RapidStart solution by three days.

In addition, customers running EnterpriseOne 8.10 on EnterpriseOne Tools 8.93 can now leverage the Linux operating system, and the new tools release also enables customers to utilize BEA Weblogic infrastructure.

"Mid-market companies worldwide have a strong need for enterprise applications, but often don't have the resources to deploy them," said Jesper Andersen, group vice president and general manager for PeopleSoft Tools & Technology. "PeopleSoft's new tools release includes enhancements that enable customers to increase user productivity and reduce IT maintenance costs."

Elsewhere, PeopleSoft said it plans to certify Apple Safari for EnterpriseOne solutions. Having previously certified PeopleSoft Enterprise applications on the Safari Web browser, the solution provider said that the addition of EnterpriseOne certification marks the enterprise applications industry's largest commitment to the Macintosh platform.

The Apple Safari Web browser enhances usability for customers accessing PeopleSoft applications running on the Macintosh, according to the solution provider. The Safari browser delivers the best performance of PeopleSoft applications in the Mac OS X environment, allowing enterprise applications users to maximize productivity, according to PeopleSoft.

Users of the provider's applications will be able to take advantage of Apple's Safari's unique features, including SnapBack navigation, a feature that enables a user to step back through a transaction with a single click rather than many. The tabbed browsing feature will enable users to access multiple PeopleSoft application pages in a single window, which is important in multilingual call centers where a customer service agent needs access to applications in more than one language on the same system.

PeopleSoft has certified Apple Safari for Enterprise applications with PeopleTools 8.21 and PeopleTools 8.45. In addition, PeopleSoft plans to complete certification for EnterpriseOne Tools 8.94 in the fourth quarter.