AOpen Deploys Solution to Increase Supply Chain Visibility, Responsiveness

Solution from Webplan to increase customer service levels, improve material management

Solution from Webplan to increase customer service levels, improve material management

Ottawa, Canada — August 12, 2004 — Webplan Corp., a provider of software and service solutions for rapid response management, said that Aopen, a manufacturer of computer components from bare systems, motherboards, CD-ROM/CD-RW/DVD drives and monitors, has deployed Webplan RapidResponse to increase supply chain visibility and responsiveness.

AOpen said that to ensure the highest standard of quality its products are manufactured and tested in strict ISO 9001 and ISO14001 certified facilities, complying with the world's most rigid safety standards.

Like many growing manufacturers, AOpen had begun experiencing an increasingly long planning cycle, combined with challenges in responding quickly to changes in demand or supply, as well as the inability to share materials across factories due to limited visibility.

To augment their existing planning and execution systems, AOpen had relied on a combination of "people, paper and tools" such as Microsoft Excel to manage the constant change. However, as the volume and pace of its business grew, the company realized that this approach was unable to keep pace and was leading to sub-optimal decisions.

"Our industry is highly competitive, and our customers' needs are constantly changing," said J. J. Chen, vice president at AOpen. "We needed a response management solution that would enable us to increase service levels by reacting quickly and appropriately to variations in our plans. Webplan RapidResponse allows us to proactively and immediately determine the appropriate response while maintaining alignment between supply and demand."

RapidResponse enables manufacturers to anticipate potential problems, review multiple action alternatives and align operations. In addition, its architecture connects directly to front- and back-end systems, supporting a continuous flow of information across multiple sites.

AOpen said it has deployed RapidResponse on a server in its Taiwan headquarters that integrates with their manufacturing operations in Taiwan, China Zhongshan and Hong Kong. AOpen will use RapidResponse to increase customer service levels, improve material management and enhance inter/intra-site collaboration and coordination.