ADP Speeds Receiving Operations in Complex, High-Volume Environment

Investor communications division deploys supplier execution enablement solution from HighJump Software

Investor communications division deploys supplier execution enablement solution from HighJump Software

Eden Prairie, MN — August 13, 2004 — The investor communications division of Automatic Data Processing has achieved significant productivity gains since going live with a supplier execution enablement solution from HighJump Software, according to an announcement this week from the solution provider.

ADP Investor Communication Services, a division of Automatic Data Processing's Brokerage Services Group, is the world's largest processor of shareholder communications, distributing more than 800 million documents to investors worldwide each year.

ADP implemented HighJump's Supplier Advantage solution to empower its supplier base with real-time visibility into inventory levels and labeling requirements. Since going live, ADP has increased overall facility throughput by increasing the speed of receiving for its complex, high-volume operations.

HighJump said that Supplier Advantage provides ADP with measurable cost reductions by improving the efficiency of inbound goods management and enhancing overall supplier relationships throughout the entire supply chain. With Supplier Advantage, ADP's suppliers can manage and track orders through a secure Internet portal. The system releases orders to ADP's suppliers via the portal. Each supplier then acknowledges receipt of the order and prints shipping labels specific to that order. The result is a decrease in receiving time, benefiting both ADP and its suppliers.

Supplier Advantage integrates with ADP's existing HighJump applications for warehouse management and management visibility to help ensure the flow of timely data. This helps reduce unexpected delays and the costs associated with expedited shipments, according to HighJump.

"With Supplier Advantage and the ability to share real-time information, we have been able to build stronger partnerships with our suppliers," said Cliff Heney, senior director of material and logistics for the ADP division. "HighJump's highly flexible solution set has made many processes, especially receiving, more efficient for everyone involved. This has improved our suppliers' ability to do business, as well as our own."

"ADP and its suppliers now can collaborate easily to speed critical processes," said Chris Heim, president of HighJump. "Supplier Advantage brings suppliers of all sizes into direct communication with their customers. This information sharing streamlines overall supply chain operations and significantly reduces costs."