TESSCO Targets Supply Chain Execution for Competitive Edge

Wireless industry solution provider deploying Provia warehouse management system to postpone final assembly at DCs

Wireless industry solution provider deploying Provia warehouse management system to postpone final assembly at DCs

Grand Rapids, MI — August 30, 2004 — Wireless industry solution provider TESSCO Technologies Incorporated has selected a warehouse management solution from supply chain execution (SCE) specialist Provia to be implemented at two company distribution centers as the company seeks to postpone final assembly at the DCs.

TESSCO provides wireless system operators, service organizations and resellers with the product and supply chain solutions required to keep networks and users on the air. The company will implement Provia's ViaWare warehouse management system (WMS) at its Hunt Valley, Md., and Reno, Nev., distribution facilities later this year.

"For TESSCO, the level of flexibility we will have with the Provia solution was one of the key differentiators in selecting Provia," said Doug Rein, senior vice president of operations and fulfillment at TESSCO. "With Provia, TESSCO can use the same logistics solution to operate both of our facilities, with scalability for growth in the future. The Provia solution will enhance our commitment to deliver complete, on time and error free orders for our customers while further enhancing our productivity."

TESSCO supplies more than 34,000 items from more than 450 manufacturers in the wireless industry. Provia said that the company will be able to utilize the kitting functionality in ViaWare to perform light assembly in the distribution center. This will allow TESSCO to build custom products as part of the picking process, saving inventory by postponing the final assembly, Provia said.

"Many of our customers require us to configure products to meet specific needs, including their packaging, security/RFID tags and optional equipment," said Rein. "Consequently, we assemble large numbers of unique orders for our customers. The ViaWare WMS kitting functionality will allow us to more efficiently incorporate this unique value-added assembly as part of the picking process and carry a much lower amount of actual inventory on hand."

Paul Crist, vice president of sales and marketing, Provia Software, said that companies like TESSCO are realizing the value of supply chain execution as a competitive weapon. "The increased productivity, visibility and flexibility that they see with Provia will generate a quicker return on their investment," Crist asserted. "With Provia, TESSCO can address the ever-changing demands of an expanding industry."