Building a High-Velocity, Low-Touch Supply Chain at ViaSat

Satellite communications provider aims to ramp up product delivery using RiverOne solution

Satellite communications provider aims to ramp up product delivery using RiverOne solution

San Diego — October 25, 2004 — Wireless communication specialist ViaSat is embarking on an initiative to build a new high-velocity, low-touch supply chain by using a solution from RiverOne to quickly ramp up product delivery without investing in additional employees or equipment.

Based in Carlsbad, Calif., ViaSat supplies satellite, encryption and other wireless communication products for the military and commercial markets. The company reported revenues of $279 million in its last fiscal year.

ViaSat has entered into an agreement with RiverOne, a supplier of supply chain management software and services for companies involved in electronics manufacturing, to build its new high-velocity supply chain using the RiverOne INTERACTIVE solution.

RiverOne said that INTERACTIVE, available as a hosted or licensed software solution, is a Web-native supply chain control system that integrates connectivity, execution, planning and metrics into a single backbone for structured collaboration "outside the four walls" of an enterprise.

Using INTERACTIVE, ViaSat will be able to connect its Oracle enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to electronic manufacturing service (EMS) partners, key component suppliers, distributors, and third-party logistics providers via a variety of methods (RosettaNet, XML, EDI, Excel and flat file, or Web interface), then coordinate and monitor activities throughout its supply chain.

This connectivity will allow ViaSat to create and drive a multi-tiered supply chain while also leveraging its current investment in internal solutions, such as the Oracle ERP system. Ultimately, the solution should help ViaSat take advantage of the burgeoning demand for wireless communications in both the commercial and government sectors by quickly ramping up product delivery without investing in additional employees or equipment, RiverOne said.

Only 45 days after the initial implementation, ViaSat went live with automated demand forecast delivery via RiverOne INTERACTIVE using a Web interface. Soon INTERACTIVE will enable a third-party logistics provider to manage a ViaSat warehouse, and the company will run two-way shipping requests/shipping confirmations directly in and out of ViaSat's internal system.

"Our RiverOne implementation, called V-Chain, enables us to take advantage of our tremendous corporate growth opportunities by building a network of outsourced partners, yet work as closely with them as if they were part of our own organization," said Ray Barger, director procurement at ViaSat. "This brings efficiency, enabling us to grow without the overhead of additional hires and capital equipment. RiverOne also benefits our partners by making ViaSat easier and less expensive to do business with."

"While many companies are retrofitting their supply chains, ViaSat is in the unique position of building a new foundation from the ground up which leverages the most advanced supply chain concepts and tools," said Chris Smith, CEO for RiverOne.

Irvine, Calif.-headquartered RiverOne offers solutions for original equipment manufacturers, electronic manufacturing services providers, components suppliers and other players in the high tech supply chain. Its customer base includes such companies as Flextronix, Smart Modular Technologies and Universal Scientific Industrial.