Ford Speeds Delivery of Emergency Parts

New program can get much-needed parts to dealerships in one day

New program can get much-needed parts to dealerships in one day

Richfield, OH  August 26, 2003  Ford Motor Co., in a bid to help its dealers more rapidly get their customers back on the road, is getting backordered auto parts to their dealerships in just one day using OEConnection's D2D Express.

During July 2003, Ford said that over 5,300 car parts were delivered overnight to its dealerships using the D2D Express fulfillment system.

According to Don Johnson, director, Ford Global Parts Supply and Logistics: "Ford is never satisfied with a customer waiting for parts. We went to OEConnection because of their expertise, and jointly we created a solution that incorporates dealer inventories into the Ford supply chain. Order processing, billing and tracking for OEConnection shipments are integrated into Ford's systems to minimize administrative overhead for the dealer."

Over 4,500 Ford dealerships are enrolled in OEConnection's D2DLink parts locator, Ford said. Approximately 500 of those dealerships are enrolled in the D2D Express program, shipping parts to other Ford and Lincoln/Mercury dealers.

To begin using D2D Express, dealers need high-speed Internet access, a login to D2DLink and overnight courier service. Ford piloted, ramped up and then opened the program to their dealers in 60 days.

With over 230,000 unique auto part numbers, it's virtually impossible for Ford warehouses or an individual dealer to stock every part. Using manufacturer-definable rules, D2D Express facilitates the electronic communication of parts orders from Ford distribution centers to D2D Express dealers, according to OEConnection. Dealership counter people can view part orders every few minutes, and then fill those orders with on-screen workflows for picking, packing and shipping. Orders are shipped the same day as received.

OEConnection is a provider of technology solutions for automakers, their affiliated dealers, and others in the automotive parts marketplace. It is a venture created by DaimlerChrysler, Ford Motor Co., General Motors and ProQuest Co.