SAK Logistics Becomes Invistics

Reaffirms commitment to increase inventory visibility and analysis

Reaffirms commitment to increase inventory visibility and analysis

Atlanta  August 27, 2003  SAK Logistics, a provider of lean manufacturing software, today announced a name change to Invistics Inc. Founded in 1999, the company said it is renaming itself Invistics to represents its focus on inventory visibility and analytics in manufacturing operations.

Although the name is new, Invistics said it has four years of experience under its belt. It said its software applies flow or pull-based manufacturing techniques to manufacturing environments, including the pharmaceutical, electronic, industrial product and metal industries.

Invistics clients, spanning the market from DuPont to Bristol-Myers Squibb, have reduced inventory and cycle times by an average of 50 percent, while also increasing on-time deliveries to 99 percent, according to the provider.

"We are confident we are making a significant difference in the market, helping manufacturers have new insights and new views into their operations," said Tom Knight, CEO of Invistics. "As Invistics, we will continue to deliver on our commitment to provide results inside the factory and across the supply chain."