Cutter & Buck Expands BI Deployment

Adds solution from business intelligence specialist Business Objects to streamline data integration with legacy systems

Adds solution from business intelligence specialist Business Objects to streamline data integration with legacy systems

San Jose, CA  August 28, 2003  Business Objects, a provider of business intelligence (BI) solutions, today announced that Cutter & Buck, a leading designer of upscale sportswear and outerwear, has expanded its Business Objects deployment to create an end-to-end business intelligence solution.

Cutter & Buck designs and markets upscale sportswear and outerwear under its eponymous brand name. The company sells its products primarily through golf pro shops and resorts, corporate sales accounts and specialty retail stores.

The company selected BusinessObjects Data Integrator to simplify and streamline the process of integrating data with its legacy systems infrastructure. A long time customer, Cutter & Buck also uses BusinessObjects and WebIntelligence, the integrated query, reporting and analysis solutions from Business Objects, to access, analyze and share customer, inventory and operational data.

By installing Data Integrator, Cutter & Buck expects to reduce the amount of hand-coding required to import data from operational systems that power inventory management, sales support and other critical functions into its data warehouse. This will provide easier access to key information for its business intelligence platform, also powered by Business Objects.

"Business Objects has been a strategic partner of ours for a long time and they share our vision of using data integration tools as a springboard for smarter, faster and more efficient business intelligence," said Rick Davis, CIO for Cutter & Buck. "Once we made the decision to integrate our data warehouse and operational systems, we knew Business Objects would be the right vendor to get us up and running fast. By standardizing on Business Objects for our complete business intelligence needs, we also benefit from lower total cost of ownership and easier administration."

Cutter & Buck first deployed Business Objects software when the firm went through a company-wide reorganization that shifted various operational responsibilities to six strategic business units. For the project, Cutter & Buck selected BusinessObjects and WebIntelligence to track bookings, sales, margins and inventory management performance for every division. Today, Cutter & Buck uses hundreds of Business Objects reports to ensure the right apparel is always on hand to meet demand.

"Companies need a data integration solution that is closely tied to their business intelligence platform," said Dave Kellogg, senior group vice president of worldwide marketing for Business Objects. "That is why Data Integrator has become such a competitive advantage for us and why customers like Cutter & Buck select Business Objects for their end-to-end business intelligence solution."