Calderon Selects PeopleSoft Apps

Textiles distributor integrating front-, back-office operations with supplier, customer management solutions

Textiles distributor integrating front-, back-office operations with supplier, customer management solutions

Pleasanton, CA  August 28, 2003  Calderon Textiles has tapped supplier relationship management (SRM), customer relationship management (CRM) and financial management solutions from PeopleSoft as the company seeks to integrate front- and back-office operations, according to an announcement from the software company.

Calderon Textiles is a leading distributor of quality linens for healthcare, hospitality and consumer use. The company distributes products to leading retailers such as Wal-Mart and hotel chains such as Choice Hotels International.

"Efficient distribution is critical to the profitability of our business, so inventory must be closely aligned with demand," said Paul Stokes, chief financial officer of Calderon Textiles.

Calderon is counting on the PeopleSoft solutions to give the company real-time visibility into product demand and inventory levels. As a result, sales professionals will be able to provide up-to-date product availability and the company can minimize supply costs.

"PeopleSoft's products will enable us to tightly integrate front and back office operations," Stokes explained. "With real time visibility of production data and customer demand, we can make rapid adjustments to supply plans. In addition, our sales force can strategically manage customers based upon product availability."

Calderon Textiles will deploy PeopleSoft's SRM product to align its global network of suppliers. The company currently uses a combination of telephone calls, faxes, e-mails and manual spreadsheets to coordinate material shipments from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Egypt, Mexico and other countries. This results in untimely, inefficient and inaccurate processing of Calderon's material requirements.

PeopleSoft says its Internet-based supplier portal will enable Calderon's suppliers and contract manufacturers to respond instantly to meet changes in Calderon's material requirements. As a result, Calderon will be able to update shipment dates and quantities, improve order accuracy and mitigate availability risk for products with long lead times.

PeopleSoft Sales, a module within the PeopleSoft CRM suite, will enable Calderon's sales management to gauge the growth of each of its businesses, measure sales performance by geographic region and gain visibility into specific products that are selling most quickly. Sales executives will be able to track a customer's order history, enabling them to see the results of their sales efforts. In addition, tight integration with PeopleSoft SRM will ensure that sales executives make delivery promises with greater accuracy.

The company will also deploy PeopleSoft's financial management products, including General Ledger, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable, to gain real-time visibility into supplier payments and customer credit activity. The products will enable Calderon to obtain a more accurate view of its financial position, PeopleSoft said.

"Companies today are striving to gain a competitive edge by increasing productivity, reducing costs and quickly responding to customer needs," said Patrick Quirk, general manager of PeopleSoft Manufacturing and Supplier Relationship Management. "The PeopleSoft solution provides enterprise-wide visibility into multiple business processes, enabling the delivery of real-time information to improve business efficiency and greater responsiveness to the customer."