Aerospace OEM Streamlines CAD

Airborne Systems Germany to use new software to solve multi-computer-aided design and delivery needs

Airborne Systems Germany to use new software to solve multi-computer-aided design and delivery needs

Marlborough, MA, and Munich, Germany  September 5, 2003  Proficiency, a computer-aided design (CAD) interoperability solution provider, this week announced that Airborne Systems Germany, an operating unit of European Aeronautic Defence and Space Co. (EADS), has purchased its Collaboration Gateway solution.

Airborne Systems Germany said it would use Proficiency's feature-based CAD interoperability software to facilitate design collaboration with its customer and suppliers on the A400M Military Transport and A300 projects.

Proficiency said the Collaboration Gateway allows users of disparate CAD systems to share model data, including features, history, constraints, dimensions and metadata, to efficiently collaborate on the design of complex products.

Airborne Systems Germany said it currently designs and develops its products using I-DEAS modeling software (from EDS PLM Solutions). However, data is received from its suppliers in at least four different versions of software. Currently, to exchange feature-based designs, data from each of these design programs is manually re-created in the target CAD format.

However, with the Collaboration Gateway, Airborne Systems Germany said it could streamline the creation and delivery of designs, eliminating the need for design recreation and accelerating product development.

"After looking at current methods of data exchange and other technologies available in the market today, we concluded that Proficiency's solution best fits our project needs," said Rudolf Hetterich, senior manager of Mechanical Engineering for Airborne Systems Germany. "We still use our well-introduced CAD system for our product development, but now we have found a way to meet the format requirements of our customer and partner companies, resulting in a full and unlimited data transfer between the different CAD systems in use."

He added that the software allows Airborne Systems to better manage data and save costs associated with a complex, extended multi-CAD design environment.