Trigo, Transora Partner

Offer retailers and manufacturers global data synchronization through joint marketing and development agreement

Offer retailers and manufacturers global data synchronization through joint marketing and development agreement

Brisbane, CA  September 19, 2003  Trigo Technologies, a provider of product information management software, and Transora, a provider of data synchronization and collaborative commerce services, have formed a joint marketing and development agreement to provide retailers and manufacturers a solution for global data synchronization.

The partners say that by linking Trigo's enterprise-wide product information management software with Transora's global data synchronization services, retailers and manufacturers will benefit from the experience and best practices gained by Transora and Trigo, who combined have completed more than 50 implementations at various global companies. A key objective of the partnership is to provide clarity, leadership and vision that will increase the benefits and adoption of global data synchronization initiatives.

"To achieve the $40 billion in savings suggested by early studies, the entire industry needs to embrace data synchronization," said analyst Kara Romanow in the September 11 AMR Research alert "Don't Let Vendors Dictate Data Synchronization Strategy." 2003."[The partnership between Trigo and Transora] combines two of the best systems on the market. For manufacturers and retailers in need of a full-function global system, this pairing cannot be ignored."

Trigo and Transora will interconnect their flagship offerings, Trigo Product Center and the Transora Global Data Synchronization Network (TDSN). The combined products will address product information management, trading partner collaboration and global data synchronization. The two companies will also collaborate on joint marketing and sales initiatives, leveraging mutual customer bases.

James Jackson, a vice president at Unilever, noting that his company is already a major player in global data synchronization, an investor in and customer of Transora, and has standardized on Trigo Product Center as its internal staging catalogue, said that the new alliance would be "perfectly aligned" with Unilever's own strategy and vision. "The partnership between Transora and Trigo is important for two reasons," Jackson said. "First, it will result in a tight integration between two of our most strategic vendors and second, it will help drive forward the entire global data synchronization initiative."

As part of the alliance, Transora and Trigo have developed and will jointly promote a roadmap for global data synchronization initiatives. Under this vision, large manufacturers will install Trigo Product Center to capture and manage product information. Manufacturers will be able to deliver that product information directly to their customers and deploy product lifecycle applications. Additionally, Trigo Product Center will publish product information to the TDSN.

The TDSN will securely distribute information from Trigo Product Center directly to leading retailers, the UCCnet Global Registry and to a variety of country data pools and exchanges around the world. TDSN supports data synchronization for direct store delivery (DSD) and includes integration with third-party solution providers such as UDEX.

At the retailer, Trigo Product Center will receive product information from the TDSN. This information can then be integrated with a variety of internal operational systems, leveraged in product lifecycle applications and delivered to a range of customer touch points.

Under the agreement, Transora will also provide a Web-based portal service offering that small and medium sized manufacturers can use to enter their product information directly into the TDSN so their product information can be delivered to retailers that are using Trigo Product Center. The thinking here is to provide retailers with a compelling, low-cost solution they can recommend to their small and medium sized trading partners.