3PL Taps SCE Apps to Drive Growth

Third-party logistics, fulfillment provider implementing supply chain execution solution as foundation for expansion

Third-party logistics, fulfillment provider implementing supply chain execution solution as foundation for expansion

Indianapolis, IN — October 1, 2003 — M.S. Logistics (MSL), a third party logistics and fulfillment (3PL/3PF) company, has begun implementing a third party logistics/warehouse management software system from Delfour Corporation and expects to move operations to the new system in November.

Jeremy Bunce and Michael Bielefeld co-founded MSL in February 2003 after each had accumulated experience in supply chain management, printing and packaging. Beginning with a 25,000 square foot facility, they have since expanded into an additional 65,000 square foot space.

"We have positioned MSL to provide the broadest flexibility available, with the ability to put 200-300 people on a job at short notice and the ready availability of real estate to house the operation for as long as it takes," Bunce said. "We conducted extensive research to find the correct supply chain execution platform for our needs and identified Delfour's SmartEnterprise supply chain execution foundation, WarehouseLogic warehouse management system (WMS), and the eVista supply chain visibility tool as the solution that would best serve our purposes."

As supply chain specialists, MSL provides a range of services, including pick, pack and fulfillment; just-in-time sequencing; test market rollout coordination; storage and distribution; and electronic data interchange (EDI) radio frequency inventory management.

According to Bunce, the company began its operations with a WMS-like database system, devised by the two founders, that incorporates many facets of supply chain execution and fulfillment. MSL ultimately settled on Delfour's solution as robust enough meet both present and foreseeable needs and flexible enough to accommodate future directions the enterprise is preparing to take.

"We have always focused on the right timing to implement a full service WMS, and our business is right on track," Bunce said. "The Delfour solution provides powerful, positive warehouse control for multiple inventory owners concurrently, as well as the ability to automate outgoing processes for expedited shipment and delivery. It will also enable us to tie in directly with key customers through EDI. With this level of performance, the expanding scale of our operations becomes secondary because we know that the Delfour software can handle it."

Markham, Ontario-based Delfour provides supply chain execution solutions for the third and fourth party logistics (3PL, 4PL) and the third party fulfillment (3PF) industries.