Toyota Motor Sales USA Taps Into Business Intelligence

Deploys software to more than 2,000 employees for strategic, operational decisions

Deploys software to more than 2,000 employees for strategic, operational decisions

Santa Clara, CA  October 3, 2003  Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. (TMS) announced it has made an additional commitment to using business intelligence provider Brio Software Inc.'s solutions for its employees and dealers across the United States.

Brio is currently Toyota Motor Sales' standard business intelligence solution, providing more than 2,000 employees with dashboards, reports and analyses from which strategic and operational decisions are made.

One large TMS division, Toyota Logistics Services, currently uses the Brio solutions. From port to dealership, suppliers, freight carriers and internal Toyota operations are involved in the movement of approximately 1.7 million vehicles annually. With the tracking of vehicles by their vehicle identification numbers, as well as Brio reports and analyses, the division reported that supply chain transactions and accounting have been streamlined, hand-offs occur more smoothly, and participating parties are better informed and can take appropriate actions.

In the past few years, Toyota's volume increased 37 percent annually, rail and truck routes increased 24 percent, and the product mix expanded 35 percent. Due in part to Brio dashboards, reports and analyses, Toyota improved delivery efficiencies on this higher volume with only a 3 percent growth in staff.

"Toyota's culture of continuous improvement and data-driven decisions demands constant reporting and the ability to easily analyze operational and financial data. To this end, Brio is used throughout the organization from executives to clerks and everyone in between," said Mike Burkes, technology manager within Enterprise Data Management, Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.

He added that Brio's tools have been utilized within TMS for more than five years, delivering returns throughout the organization. Brio claimed that in one application using its tools more than $1 million is saved annually through automatic reporting and reconciliation of payments to freight carriers. In the fall of 2002, IDC calculated the return on investment on TMS' data warehouse and Brio solution at 506 percent.