Moving Demand Planning to the Web

Demand Management, Inc. rolls out Java-based planning solution

Demand Management, Inc. rolls out Java-based planning solution

Las Vegas — October 6, 2003 — Solution provider Demand Management, Inc. (DMI) has debuted its new collaboration solution, promising companies the freedom to share information regardless of database or platform.

DMI says that its DS enterprise (DSe) solution provides a foundation for a new era in collaboration by leveraging 100 percent native Web collaboration.

"DSe's open architecture and platform independence offers users flexibility unlike any other industry application," asserted DMI President and CEO Mike Campbell. "The look and feel of this technology emulates an advanced application, and users don't realize the Internet is the platform."

The solution provider says that DSe bridges the supply and demand sides of the enterprise by allowing users to analyze and interpret data for all levels of the organization. DSe manages supply and demand data from enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and corporate databases to create forecasts as well as production, delivery and order plans.

Based on a distributed, thin-client architecture that is scalable to the needs of organizations of different sizes, DSe is written entirely in Sun Microsystem's Java programming language, according to DMI. DSe can be administered from a single location.

DSe allows users in different locations can view and adjust forecasts on different sets of items at the same time, and the solution makes data available to other systems that access the same information.

DMI says that DSe works with virtually any database and can be accessed via any "modern" Web browser. Because Java offers platform-independent functionality, DSe is accessible from any location regardless of the user's computer platform, the solution provider says, working equally well on Windows, Linux/Unix or Macintosh OS X systems.