Neiman Marcus Uses Trade Management Solution to Expedite Imports

Retailer taps TradeBeam for solution to reduce cycle time, costs and risks associated with high import volumes

Retailer taps TradeBeam for solution to reduce cycle time, costs and risks associated with high import volumes

San Mateo, CA  October 6, 2003  Neiman Marcus has deployed a trade management solution in a bid to reduce the cycle time, costs and risks associated with the high import volumes for the company's stores.

The retailer is deploying solution provider TradeBeam's Global Trade Management Suite to ensure goods flow smoothly across multiple players and systems to support the entire lifecycle of a global shipment across order, logistics and settlement activities. The TradeBeam solution is providing order and shipment visibility, document management and trade compliance for all Neiman Marcus inbound shipments, according to the solution provider.

The solution includes both pre- and post-entry facilitation and transshipment screening, as well as key import administrative functions, including product classification, trade content, assist management and alerting and reporting. An integrated catalog enables orders to be synchronized with global logistics operations to provide visibility from order to entry destruction.

Neiman Marcus is able to run reports to establish and evaluate metrics around the duration of certain key tasks and the relative performance of critical partners, individuals and activities

"TradeBeam has laid the foundation for Neiman Marcus to begin realizing significant operational benefits and reduced shipment cycle time," said Jimmy Howell, vice president of transportation and logistics at the retailer. "In addition to the help the solution provides in managing the customs process, it also provides visibility into order status and events that occur throughout the supply chain. It will reduce our costs and complement our vision for logistics control."

"The Neiman Marcus Group required trade compliance, shipment visibility, exception-based management, document control and seamless integration with their suppliers, freight forwarders, transportation providers and brokers," said Duncan Jackson, vice president marketing and business development at TradeBeam. "With TradeBeam's integrated solution they will be able to achieve their import business goals, ensuring proactive control of their global operation."

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