Fidesic Launches Receivables 4.0

Solution automates receivables process for midsize companies

Solution automates receivables process for midsize companies

Bellevue, WA — November 5, 2003 — Fidesic Corp., a solution provider specializing in automating financial processes for midsize companies, has launched Fidesic Receivables 4.0 Full Statement service, an automated, Internet-based accounts receivable process intended to help companies get paid faster, reduce accounting costs and improve customer service.

The provider also announced that Seattle-area based Door to Door Storage has selected version 4.0 to manage its receivables process.

Fidesic Receivables 4.0 Full Statement service provides automatic invoice and statement delivery and secured Web access to customer data and real-time account transactions and balances.

The solution provider said that version 4.0 simplifies the invoicing process and helps companies get paid faster, reduces accounting costs and improves customer service by sending electronic and paper invoices, receiving electronic payments, providing an electronic receivable documents archive, electronically resending invoices and overdue reminder notices and providing receivables notification and forecasting, using inter- and intra-company communication, allowing multi-user access, tracking shipments and pre-paying invoices.

Fidesic Receivables 4.0 provides companies with the option to choose how they will receive payment, the provider said. Depending on their type of business, customers can choose to either send out individual "invoices" or "statements" that detail recent account activity.

Full Statement Services' real-time, remote account access is available through Fidesic's new customer-branded individual customer account centers. Through the centers, customers can provide their clients with 24-hour access to a complete client account that includes statements, invoices, payments and a transaction history, including credit memos and finance charges.

Support representatives can use the solution to go "inside" their clients view to see exactly what their customers see and process statements, invoices and payments remotely, on-the-fly. Customers can create and send paper and electronic invoices and statements.

Fidesic says that Receivables 4.0 integrates with any Windows-based accounting system.

The provider also announced that Seattle-area based Door to Door Storage has selected Fidesic Receivables 4.0 to manage the receivables process for its 17 remote sites. Door to Door Storage delivers self storage containers directly to consumers.

"Fidesic Receivables 4.0 allows Door to Door Storage to seamlessly and cost-effectively manage customer accounts for our 17 remote sites, which serve more than 2,000 cities nationwide," said Amanda Aasen, accounts receivable manager for Door to Door Storage. "Through Fidesic's Full Statement Services, Door to Door Storage has been able to deliver statements electronically and quickly respond to customer account inquiries, which reduces costs and enhances our customer service."

"Midsize companies can leverage Fidesic Receivables 4.0 to positively impact the bottom line by transforming the traditional paper-laden receivables process into a more efficient and cost-effective automated process," said Fidesic CEO Jon Matsuo.