DBT America Taps ADX for Supply Chain Integration

ADX to automate supplier transactions for global mining industry leader

ADX to automate supplier transactions for global mining industry leader

Newark, CA — November 5, 2003 — Advanced Data Exchange (ADX), a provider of supply chain integration solutions, today announced that DBT America Inc. has selected ADX to assist in implementing DBT's e-commerce initiatives with its supplier base.

DBT, a subsidiary of DBT GmbH, provides system solutions for the underground coal mining industry. ADX said it would work with DBT's suppliers to enable electronic trading with DBT via the ADX Network.

"ADX will help us streamline the transaction process with our entire supplier base," said Mike Steinke, Corporate Materials manager, DBT. "ADX provides services to help our suppliers trade business documents electronically. The payoff here goes beyond reducing costs and improving operational and administrative efficiencies for both DBT and our supplier community — we're promoting more productive relationships with our key suppliers that will ultimately drive better results for our customers."

ADX said its Network services let large enterprises such as DBT connect to a universal, any-to-any translator to electronically exchange a wide range of business documents with all of its suppliers. ADX is working with DBT to implement a program to integrate all of DBT's suppliers, eliminating unnecessary costs and increasing business efficiency for all parties in the supply chain.

In addition to DBT, such companies as Arch Coal and Peabody Energy work with ADX for supply chain integration. Currently, the ADX Network supports thousands of trading relationships in the metals and mining industry daily.