HAHT Touts Product Information Management in New Suite

Provider says solution goes beyond short-term fix for compliance with data synchronization via UCCnet

Provider says solution goes beyond short-term fix for compliance with data synchronization via UCCnet

Raleigh, NC — November 26, 2003 — HAHT Commerce has rolled out the latest version of its Commerce Suite and is touting the Product Information Management component of the suite as a solution that goes well beyond a short-term fix for compliance with data synchronization via the UCCnet GLOBALregistry service.

Data synchronization would be a relatively simple task if the data was normalized, complete and error-free, but this is rarely the case, HAHT notes. But product information is not created by a single department within the company and is usually not overseen by any single group. It is this lack of process within a manufacturer's business and around managing product information that facilitates errors, HAHT asserts.

The solution provider says that it has provided state-of-the-art PIM processes with version 7.5 of Commerce Suite and the updates to its Product Information Management component. HAHT says that Product Information Management empowers manufacturers to manage product information and optimize product data synchronization from product launch through sunset via the automation of business processes both internally and externally with trading partners,

PIM is designed to meet current and evolving standards for collaborative trading, HAHT says, and PIM supports product item data synchronization with UCCnet services, industry exchanges, as well as directly with trading partners in a point-to-point fashion.

New features found in version 7.5, which is available immediately, include a Compliance Manager, which uses data validation rules to ensure compliance with trading partners and industry standards; UCCnet 2.2 Certification, which supports the UCCnet GLOBALregistry service for data exchange with global partners and industry vertical markets; and a Visual Workflow Editor, which allows workflow administrators to model business process workflows according to specific business needs and conditions, and which enables support across the entire suite for quotes, orders and request for quotes.

Additional features in the solution include:

  • Proxy Delegation — Allows approvers to sign a proxy while they are unavailable thus facilitating the continued handling of workflow tasks on their behalf.

  • Personalized Workgroup Templates — Administrators can create different data views for various group functions which enables business users to focus on their area of expertise.

  • Parallel Workflow— Speeds approval process by splitting work across multiple users.

  • Audit Trail Support — Administrators can view changes made by each step of approval process.

  • Business Intelligence Enhancements — New reports and data analysis functionality highlights potential problems. At the discretion of the manufacturer reports can be generated to show average days to market by product, a summary of trading partner actions, and a retailer responsiveness scorecard for data synchronization, to name a few.