Widex Canada Taps Clear Technologies for CRM

Hearing aid manufacturer looks to strengthen internal sales procedures, tighten customer service processes

Hearing aid manufacturer looks to strengthen internal sales procedures, tighten customer service processes

Dallas — November 26, 2003 — Widex Canada has chosen a customer relationship management (CRM) solution from Clear Technologies to strengthen its internal sales procedures and tighten customer service processes.

Headquartered in the Danish city of Vaerloese, north of Copenhagen, Widex is one of the world's top producers of hearing aids. The company is today represented in more than 85 countries.

The company's Canadian unit is focusing on the disconnect between sales and service, and the unit is set to use Clear Technologies' C2 CRM to automate its day-to-day sales activities and, for the first time, to track customer activity, including customer support issues, all in hopes of better servicing their customer base.

Jake Haycock, president and CEO of Widex Canada, said that the company selected C2 CRM, at least in part, for the solution's modular design, allowing the firm to select specific modules based on its needs.

"We also wanted a CRM solution that would easily integrate with our existing systems using open standards and that would allow our organization to determine the level and complexity needed to integrate to [returned material authorization (RMA)] processing, inventory management and sales history," Haycock added.

"C2 has a proven track record with [enterprise resource planning (ERP)] integration working successfully with systems like MAPICS and J.D. Edwards," said Van Symons, president and chief operating officer for Clear Technologies. "We've recently installed C2 at two different manufacturing companies, and in both cases C2 successfully integrated with J.D. Edwards and MAPICS. The key to our success in both cases is C2's ability to transfer product information and share company records between existing ERP accounting and inventory records, and newly created sales records within C2."

"The direct representation from the software publisher, coupled with the intuitive nature and flexible architecture of C2, made this decision easier than I had thought," said Haycock.