One Network Enterprises Expands Operations into Europe, Latin America

Expansion supports global supply chain on-demand services, according to company

Expansion supports global supply chain on-demand services, according to company

Charlotte, NC — December 3, 2003 — One Network Enterprises announced its entry into European and Latin American supply chain technology markets with the opening of operations in London and Mexico City.

One Network said the expansion supports its development of a global fulfillment network and the extension of Supply Chain On-Demand services to retailers, distributors, manufacturers and logistics service providers across the Americas and Europe.

One Network's European offices are lead by Executive Vice President Michael Heiberg, who gained international experience, and has worked on EMEA initiatives, at Oracle and i2 Technologies. Lane Smith heads the Latin American market, building on his success as founder of a consultancy focused on delivering supply chain technologies to Latin America, and his experience as i2 Technologies president in Mexico City.

"Our growth into these markets allows us to provide our current and future customers with a more global reach in our service," says Greg Brady, CEO of One Network. "Our services are not limited by geographical boundaries, and a local presence ensures we are answering the specific fulfillment needs in each particular region."

Brady continued, saying that Heiberg and Smith both have a strong track record of success in their markets, as well as a demonstrated ability to build successful businesses and customer bases across multiple industries throughout Europe and Latin America. "We are excited about the roll-out of our fulfillment network and the prospects of Supply Chain On-Demand services delivered in new geographic markets," he said.