Kinaxis Launches Free Supply Chain Performance Benchmarking Service

Find out how you measure up on 24 standard financial and operational metrics against 15,000 public companies in the manufacturing sectors

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Ottawa, ON — February 12, 2010 — On-demand supply chain solution provider Kinaxis has launched a new Benchmarking Service, available at no cost, aimed at allowing companies to compare their supply chain performance against multiple companies and across various metrics.

The service, available to any registered member of the free Supply Chain Expert Community powered by Kinaxis, allows for an immediate competitive comparison against a specific list of companies selected from an up-to-date database of more than 15,000 public companies in the manufacturing sectors. Companies also can be grouped based on categories of peers, customers and suppliers.

Users can rank their company on any of 24 standard financial and operational metrics, such as cash-to-cash, inventory turns, gross margin and return on invested capital. Private companies can manually and confidentially enter their metrics into the system to set up comparisons. Then, with a few clicks of the mouse, companies can create customized benchmark reports and can elect to receive dashboard results directly via e-mail on a monthly basis.

The value, according to Kinaxis, is the ability to get meaningful benchmark results quickly, easily and at no charge. Users can gain an understanding of how other organizations are performing on the metrics that mean the most to them, and then identify performance improvement areas for their business. Users can track short- and long-term performance trends for their peers, customers and suppliers.

"In this widely competitive and volatile economy, understanding how you are performing against others can be a critical piece of intelligence," said John Sicard, executive vice president of marketing, development and service operations at Kinaxis. "While this type of information may be generally available, the process to compile it, calculate the metrics and graph it out is extensive; we offer a ready-to-view service that can provide immediate insight."

To get started, users can register as a member of the Supply Chain Expert Community at and then visit the Supply Chain sub-community to log into the benchmarking service.

"This service represents the investment our company is willing to put forth to ensure every registered member of our growing Supply Chain Expert Community receives a valuable incentive for their interest and participation," Sicard said. "We hope individuals will take advantage of this valuable tool to empower their supply chain performance."