2023 Supplier Diversity Strategies Report: Moving Beyond Best Practices

Actionable insights on how the top supplier diversity programs do 2-3x their peers

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Supplier.io, in partnership with the Sourcing Industry Group (SIG), has conducted the industry’s first in-depth research into the best practices for the top-performing supplier diversity programs. This research provides actionable insights procurement and supplier diversity that leaders can take to improve their programs.

Actual spend data was used to identify the top 20% of supplier diversity programs across multiple industries. Leaders were then extensively interviewed to understand the ways they lead their programs that are different from the general industry.

5 differences from top-performing programs:

  • They’re MORE data driven.
  • They’re MORE proactive and plan further ahead.
  • They’re MORE connected to the business.
  • They’re MORE collaborative.
  • They’re MORE balanced between data and relationships.

Download the full report to read the details and find specific examples from leading programs. 

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