Tada Heightens Visibility with Digital Twin-Enable Production Control Tower

A new product from Tada Cognitive Solutions is the latest supply chain technology to embrace digital twins, as the concept becomes more popular to solve disruption.

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Tada Cognitive Solutions releases a new Production Control Tower, enabled with digital twin technology to drive operation visibility right within the warehouse or factory. The control tower, focused on the production side of things, is the latest in a series of supply chain and manufacturing releases to embraces digital twins and automation, as the industry looks to solve many crisis that occur today. Tada explains that its new product improves productivity through real-time insights that are funneled directly to the production team. 

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  • Production Control Tower contains more than 10 applications targeted to solve daily time-consuming challenges such as material short for build; priority of internal work orders; and potential impact to customer promise. For example, the Clear-to-build capability provides dynamic replanning options in situations where build slots are likely to be missed due to material and labor gaps for each production line. With built-in workflows, planners track root causes and mitigation actions driving increased efficiency from planning to execution. Another application, the Digital Production Board, delivers failure mode analytics for productivity losses across the entire operations - the internal warehouse, machine shop, paint line, and assembly stations. Tada’s Production Control Tower applications improve factory compliance to build plans not just in aggregate but also help in planning model-mix.