Supply Chain Solutions Mitigate Service Risk and Manage Disruptions

Supply Sensing predicts supply shortages and mitigates risk while Global Logistics Orchestration determines the business impact of shipping delays on downstream operations and service commitments.

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E2open Parent Holdings, Inc. introduced Supply Sensing to predict supply shortages and mitigate risk; and Global Logistics Orchestration to determine the business impact of shipping delays on downstream operations and service commitments.

“E2open’s Supply Sensing application provides new insights to the likelihood of shortages over time using real-time data, supply variances and a new class of algorithms that deal in probabilities instead of certainties,” adds Joshi. “Advanced analytics also recommend actions to address shortfalls stemming from supply chain uncertainties and proactively mitigate risk. When transportation delays do occur, the degree of economic impact varies for each shipment and so should the response. E2open’s Global Logistics Orchestration application evaluates the downstream business impacts, prescribes the best course of action for each shipment and orchestrates corrective measures. We are very excited about these two applications – and the other innovations in this quarterly release – to help clients of all industries improve supply chain performance and make better decisions in a world that is significantly more uncertain than in pre-pandemic times.” 

From E2open:

  • New planning functionality helps brands drive higher returns on channel marketing investments.
  • Users can gain new visibility to the performance of incentives programs through a new rebates dashboard.
  • A new REST API makes it easier and faster to use partner data for better business decisions.
  • Numerous self-serve capabilities increase agility to respond to changes in the business environment.
  • Supply Sensing uses real-time data and variabilities in supply, demand and transportation to predict the likelihood of shortages over time.
  • Clients can now choose between heuristics and cost optimization for supply planning to achieve the best result for any business objective.
  • E2open’s Global Logistics Orchestration determines the business impact of transportation delays to downstream operations and customer service commitments.
  • Enhanced transportation management capabilities allow shippers to make payments via PayCargo to ocean carriers through single sign-on integration with E2open.

“Unprecedented demand for goods, constrained supply and delays in transportation have become the hallmarks of 2021, as have the downstream disruptions to production and distribution,” says Pawan Joshi, EVP of product management and strategy at E2open. “Protecting businesses from the impact of shortages is no longer a simple calculation of whether there is enough stock to meet the forecast, but also the mathematical probability of having sufficient supply at any given time. In today’s real world, the answer has gone from a simple ‘yes-no’ to a ‘maybe,’ with the probability of an impact hinging on a complex combination of demand, supply and transportation variances. The applications introduced in this release address these challenges, mitigate risk and offer a new level of supply assurance – despite what the world throws at you.”