Ambi Robotics Taps Simulation-to-Reality AI For Fast Deployment

Following a seed funding round, Ambi Robotics focuses on faster roll outs for e-commerce distribution with its new advanced simulation-to-reality AI.

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Ambi Robotics

Ambi Robotics celebrates coming out of stealth with new a robotics operating system named AmbiOS to rapidly train robots before deployment. Its recent seed money goes to support of the OS for pick-and-pack warehouse systems that uses simulation-to-reality artificial intelligence for faster robotic system rollouts for its AmbiSort and AmbiKit products. Bow Capital, Vertex Ventures and The House Fund led Ambi's recent $6.1 million seed funding round, hoping to capitalize on robotics rollouts as e-commerce continues to rise. 

Per Businesswire: 

  • Ambi Robotics increases accuracy and efficiency while reducing operating costs up to 40 percent. AmbiSort AI-powered parcel sortation systems increase traceability for shippers with precise data tracking and can handle a wide range of rigid and deformable items to ensure timely delivery for the end-customer.
  • AmbiKit autonomous piece-picking systems create unique e-commerce kits to reduce the cost of fulfillment and eliminate downtime associated with kitting line changeover for manual operations. Ambi Robotics systems can operate 24/7 and can scale to meet surging e-commerce demand.