Integrating Multiple Facets of Your Operations

The BlueCherry Enterprise Suite will replace existing manual systems, and improve inventory visibility and control

New YorkDec. 26, 2014CGS, a global provider of business applications, learning and outsourcing solutions, announced that Lauren James selected the BlueCherry Enterprise Suite to replace the company’s existing manual systems, support continued growth and improve inventory visibility and control.

After an extensive evaluation, Lauren James chose the BlueCherry Enterprise Suite to integrate multiple facets of its operations—from sourcing and fabrication to order tracking—into a single management system that leverages industry best practices and will enable the fast-growing fashion venture to expand into the wholesale electronic data interchange (EDI) channel. In addition, Lauren James will take advantage of BlueCherry’s Ecommerce EDI capabilities to enhance its digital sales network and better manage inventory, as well as CGS’s Threadvine wholesale solution to strengthen existing sales relationships and develop new business.

Founded in 2013 in Fayetteville, Arkansas, Lauren James Co. creates women’s clothing for all occasions. Inspired by classic designs and driven by modern styling, Lauren James combines hours of painstaking design, meticulous materials sourcing, and hand-crafted quality to create unique and timeless looks.

“Our choice of BlueCherry puts our focus squarely on the future,” said Lauren Stokes, owner and CEO, Lauren James. “We upgraded to BlueCherry because our existing systems weren’t able to keep pace with our rapid growth. CGS’s BlueCherry system gives us the scalability necessary to expand plus the agility we need to take advantage of opportunities in new sales channels.”

Lauren James will also leverage CGS’s cloud platform and managed services capabilities for the hosting of all modules. CGS’s private cloud was architected for mission-critical applications such as BlueCherry and other enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications. 

“We are proud to partner with Lauren James as this rapidly expanding player in the fashion industry strives to continue growing at top speed,” said Paul Magel, president of the Application Solutions Group at CGS. “They’ve come a long way in a very short time, and their decision to implement BlueCherry shows that they recognize the importance of having a proven system at the heart of their business to seamlessly integrate all processes and support further growth.”  

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