Rufus Labs Introduces Wearable Gloves, Cuff

Rufus Labs aims to increase efficiency and labor visibility with new intelligent gloves and cuff.

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Rufus Labs

Rufus Labs, which produces intelligent wearable warehouse technology and workforce analytics software, today announced the release of its Rufus Cuff Pro and ScanGlove2, the second generation wearable hardware suite.

The Rufus Cuff Pro is a ruggedized, lightweight, Android wearable computer, with Rufus WorkHero software at its core, forming the most advanced connected operator platform for supply chain. WorkHero is compatible with most warehouse management system (WMS) software and replaces existing scanning technology, reduces pick speed and labor cost by up to 60%, and gives a never-before-seen level of worker visibility into warehouse operations. The Rufus Cuff Pro now includes the Android 9 operating system, a larger screen, swappable batteries, and dual-band WiFi capabilities.

The Rufus ScanGlove2 is a lightweight, durable, and flexible inventory management glove-barcode reader (1D, 2D, UPC, QR.) ScanGlove2 connects to the Rufus Cuff via Bluetooth, keeping workers’ hands-free and improving scan efficiency by over 50%. The ScanGlove2 now includes 12-hour work time battery life, wireless docking, upgraded scan engine, and premium laser crosshairs. The scanner module within the ScanGlove2 is compatible with the Rufus Ring and Rufus Palm scanner attachments and is interchangeable depending on ergonomic preference.

“We are excited to introduce the Rufus Cuff Pro and ScanGlove2, which represent the latest in wearable technology for the supply chain workforce,” said Gabe Grifoni, founder and chief executive officer of Rufus Labs. “Since Rufus is the only company offering wearable tech and workforce analytics software on a subscription basis, our existing customers will all receive the updated hardware and software at no additional cost. We are proud to supply our customers with the latest technology as soon as it is available, ensuring that their warehouses are consistently performing at the highest level.”

The full Rufus Labs product line is comprised of the Rufus Cuff Pro, ScanGlove2, PalmScan2, and Rufus RingScan2, a rugged, lightweight ring-barcode scanner (1D, 2D, UPC, QR) built to be worn comfortably on one finger. All products are part of the Rufus WorkHero subscription, which combines Rufus industrial wearables with Rufus WorkHero visibility software. All Rufus Labs customers always receive the latest software and hardware as a part of the subscription offering. This ensures that Rufus customers are equipped with the latest technology that increases warehouse productivity, safety, and accuracy, all while reducing labor costs and providing unprecedented labor visibility. The WorkHero subscription is also scalable so customers adjust based on seasonal need, and because the technology is designed for ease-of-use and integrates seamlessly into the WMS, customers can start using Rufus technology on day one.