InfinityQS Introduces Dynamic Remote Alarm Monitoring Service to Enhance the ProFicient Quality Management Software

InfinityQS International Inc. announces the availability of its Dynamic Remote Alarm Monitoring Service (DRAMS)—a new Microsoft Windows-based tool designed to expand the real-time quality control capabilities

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InfinityQS International Inc. announces the availability of its Dynamic Remote Alarm Monitoring Service (DRAMS)—a new Microsoft Windows-based tool designed to expand the real-time quality control capabilities of its ProFicient Statistical Process Control (SPC) software. Also compatible with ProFicient on Demand (PoD), the cloud-hosted version of InfinityQS' flagship quality management solution, DRAMS monitors data streams from all manufacturing processes to detect control and specification limit violations and generate quality alerts in real time.

Notably, ProFicient is the quality management software of choice for manufacturers the world over. Powered by an industry-leading SPC analysis engine, the solution automates data collection and analysis to surface actionable insights that help in maintaining product quality, reducing waste, and meeting production goals. Installed alongside ProFicient or PoD, DRAMS can automatically review all active data streams coming into ProFicient’s centralized database and compare the incoming data with the appropriate set control and specification limits. If a process or quality issue occurs, DRAMS will then trigger an email notification, sent via ProFicient, to alert critical quality team members, enabling them to take immediate corrective action before problems escalate.

In addition to real-time violation alerts, DRAMS offers numerous other benefits, including: 

• Easy setup and ongoing use: Once installed, DRAMS runs unattended with little configuration and no oversight required. Also, rather than adding work to overburdened IT teams, InfinityQS will handle any maintenance or updates as needed.

Value at scale: DRAMS is offered through a server-based license, where each facility running ProFicient would only require a single license. As DRAMS can simultaneously monitor up to one million data streams, it provides great value at scale particularly for larger ProFicient systems. 

Enhanced operator focus: With manual data monitoring eliminated, operators and other quality team members are free to focus on strategic efforts in proactive product and process optimization.

“Today’s manufacturers have more data at their fingertips than ever before. Comprehensive data captured around the clock, from all corners of the plant floor, can provide detailed understanding of how processes are running, when issues occur, and where the greatest opportunities for improvement lie. Yet at the same time, the sheer volume of data can be overwhelming, leaving quality teams with little time for other tasks besides monitoring,” said Michael Lyle, President and CEO, InfinityQS. “DRAMS is a solution designed to overcome such data overload. It empowers ProFicient users with peace of mind that they'll never miss a control or specification limit violation. Instead of constant monitoring and worrying about issues, they can turn their attention to better controlling the production process and ensuring the highest levels of product quality.”