Sewio Expands into North America

Following its customer base, Sewio has opened a new location in Atlanta to be closer to its North American audience.

Sewio's RTLS solution
Sewio's RTLS solution

Sewio, a UWB-based real-time location system (RTLS) vendor, recently opened a new office in Huntsville, Alabama, to accommodate the rapid growth in demand for a precise indoor-tracking solution on the North American market.

With the majority of Sewio’s solution partners already based in the United States, the expansion will allow its team to be in closer touch with its existing U.S. customer base and to grow in the American market. As an advanced technology and manufacturing center, Huntsville is ideally located near the busiest airport in the U.S., Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta, making it a short trip to any of the 150 direct U.S. destinations the airport serves. This new opening marks the third international office for Sewio since its inception in 2014 – adding to the offices in Stuttgart, Germany and Brno, Czech Republic.

The new Sewio office in North America will be operated by Eric Richards, who joins Sewio as VP of Channel Partners. He is responsible for key business development initiatives, provides input for the future development of Sewio, and maintains strategic alliance partnerships. He brings to Sewio over 13 years of experience in growing business and strategic partnerships in the RTLS/RFID industry. His previous positions have included VP Strategic Partnership with Redpoint Positioning Corp and Director of R&D at Q-Track Corp.

“Our global partner network grows our strength in the U.S., and the USA already stands for more than a third of our revenues. This makes the decision to expand our presence in the USA a logical step in our business growth strategy,” said Petr Sedlacek, VP of Sales North America. “We’ve been able to build remarkable partnerships with our U.S. partners, providing them with precise UWB-powered indoor-tracking solutions, and the new office will allow us to continue to strengthen our current relationships and advance the technology that will fuel the next great chapter of Sewio.”