ForwardX Robotics Partners with Intel to Deliver Automation Solutions

The partnership reinforces ForwardX’s ability to address customer pain points and deliver robust solutions across increasingly competitive industries.

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ForwardX Robotics announced it has joined Intel IoT Solutions Alliance as an Intel IoT Market Ready Solutions (IMRS) partner. Joining a vast network of over 6,000 solutions and more than 500 IoT leaders, ForwardX’s Matrix platform will now benefit from Intel’s worldwide reach as the company continues to deliver its FLEX and MAX solutions to supply chain environments across the globe. The partnership reinforces ForwardX’s ability to address customer pain points and deliver robust solutions across increasingly competitive industries.

“A giant in the world of innovation, Intel has the expertise, experience, and means to deliver success far and wide. With our ambitions to reach any and every company that may benefit from our innovative solutions, a partnership with Intel is an exciting opportunity for ForwardX to explore,” said Shuo Zhang, Project Management Officer at ForwardX. “As part of Intel’s IoT Solutions Alliance, we will benefit on both the technological and commercial sides of our business.”

Intel’s IoT Solutions Alliance is one of six partnership programs currently offered and consists of a network of global partners and members working together to accelerate IoT adoption across a wide range of industries. Intel forecasts 55% of all data will be generated by IoT by 2025 and 43% of AI tasks will happen on edge devices by 2023. Given the disruptive potential of IoT, Intel’s IoT Solutions Alliance offers companies an abundance of scalable, interoperable solutions in order to accelerate the deployment of intelligent devices and end-to-end analytics. According to Intel’s website, the IoT Solutions Alliance aims to “enable a more intelligent Internet of Things (IoT), supporting enterprises that are moving to the edge so they can capture more data, analyze it faster, and act on it sooner.” While Intel’s IoT Solutions Alliance contains more than 6000 solutions, only 135 have been recognized as IoT Market Ready Solutions; solutions granted this status must clearly demonstrate scalability, adaptability, and immediate implementation opportunities across multiple industries.

With the partnership now formalized, ForwardX will work with Intel on innovative initiatives as well as the continued delivery of cutting-edge robotics solutions to logistics and manufacturing functions across electronics, automotive, general merchandise, and apparel industries. As part of the partnership, ForwardX will also benefit from the network’s collective know-how in innovative technology development and sales enablement allowing it to accelerate new market opportunities.

ForwardX’s FLEX and MAX solutions utilize 8th Generation Intel Core i7 Processors for onboard processing as well as Intel’s RealSense technology as part of the perception capabilities of ForwardX’s visual Autonomous Mobile Robots. Employing Intel’s leading technology allows ForwardX robots to gather and process a richer understanding of their environment resulting in more robust solutions.

Intel technology can be found in the following ForwardX products:

  • ForwardX FLEX Standard
  • ForwardX FLEX RFID
  • ForwardX FLEX Double-Deck
  • ForwardX MAX 200 Lift
  • ForwardX MAX 500 Standard
  • ForwardX MAX 500 Lift

“As an innovative startup, our focus is on developing and delivering disruptive technologies to solve problems in traditional industries. In these long-established, complex industries, the ability to utilize the expertise and experience of a leader like Intel is truly invaluable,” said Nicolas Chee, founder and CEO at ForwardX Robotics. “Moving forward, we are hopeful that this partnership will demonstrate ForwardX’s willingness to create win-win partnerships with likeminded leaders.”

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