Geek+ Closes $200M Series C Funding Round

One of Geek+'s goals is to ramp up Robot-as-a-Service as an accessible business model for businesses.

Geek+ C200 Roboshuttle

Geek+ closed its Series C funding round at over $200 million.

C1 was led by GGV Capital, D1 Capital Partners along with Warburg Pincus in Summer 2019, while C2, finalized earlier this year, was led by V Fund, along with Redview Capital and Vertex Ventures.

Yong Zheng, Founder & CEO at Geek+, says “We are thankful for the confidence our investors have in the Geek+ vision, strategy and the broad commercial applications of our products. Our robotics solutions already create real and visible business returns for nearly 300 companies worldwide. We are proud of our achievements, confident in our continued growth and the depth of innovation and commercial application still to be explored for logistics robots. We know AMRs to be the future of the global logistics, and are pleased with the investors’ confidence in their market prospects.”

Geek+ will focus on deploying its CARE strategy—bringing concrete, immediate and long-term value to customers with efficient, flexible and scalable solutions; developing innovative AI applications to robotics and software in logistics; ramping up Robot-as-a-Service as an accessible business model for businesses; and increasing relationships with technology and logistics ecosystem partners to lead the new digital supply chain.