Vizient, One Network Plan to Develop Two-Sided Marketplace for Healthcare

Vizient, Inc. and One Network Enterprises are increasing visibility and collaboration between healthcare organizations and suppliers through the creation of a two-sided marketplace.

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Vizient, Inc. and One Network Enterprises today announced an agreement to bring increased resiliency, transparency and collaboration to the health care supply chain. The agreement will facilitate the rapid development of a two-sided marketplace that adds visibility and improves collaboration between health care organizations and suppliers around the forecast, inventory availability, and consumption of goods. The platform is expected to launch by April 20 at no cost during this crisis to Vizient’s health care members, distributors, and suppliers.

“Vizient has always worked toward improving supply chain efficiency, and the digital supply chain solution we’re launching with One Network is the latest example of those efforts,” said Steve Downey, group senior vice president, supply chain operations for Vizient. “With this new offering, Vizient members will be able to make better purchasing decisions that will reduce the impact of demand spikes and supply shortages, and will improve the overall service level and financial performance of the supply chain for all members of the community.”

Once launched, the new platform will be able to track supply delivery timeliness and order completion, stock-out risks and location-based alternatives when a natural disaster or other disruption in the supply chain occurs. In addition, it can help Vizient members identify alternative products to source during supply disruptions.

One Network’s services are designed for complex supply chain planning and execution, and provide transparency, security, collaboration, and performance optimization.

“We are excited to bring our network platform to Vizient members, a community focused on serving the patient and maximizing their positive outcomes,” said Greg Brady, Founder and CEO, One Network Enterprises. “One Network’s platforms have been successfully deployed in industries such as our Humanitarian Aid Network for infectious diseases in Africa, as well as retail, grocery and automotive. Just like in those industries, we’re confident that our services will help increase visibility and resilience in the health care supply chain for medical supplies, lab supplies, pharmaceuticals, and implants.”