Pivot3 and AIMES Partner to Bring Secure Cloud-based Research Environments to U.K. Health Researchers

Pivot3 announced a partnership with AIMES to bring secure cloud-based trusted research environments to U.K. health academia through AIMES’ Health Cloud solution.

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Pivot3 announced a partnership with AIMES to bring secure cloud-based trusted research environments to U.K. health academia through AIMES’ Health Cloud solution.

Health Cloud is a dedicated virtual environment powered by Pivot3’s hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solutions that enables university and hospital researchers to use cloud technologies to collect and analyse massive amounts of sensitive data in a secure, governed and compliant environment. Since deploying the AIMES Health Cloud on Pivot3, AIMES and its customers have seen significant benefits, including exceptional performance of advanced analytics, significant improvements of data access latency, and easy scalability, without compromising security.

“Automation and artificial intelligence have introduced a new frontier in healthcare research, with TREs pushing the edges of innovation with new discoveries that lead to greater patient care,” said Dennis Kehoe, CEO, AIMES. “Pivot3 has become a key factor in AIMES’ success by allowing us to deliver fast and reliable TREs more rapidly and consistently than before, with the confidence in knowing the solution will do the job we need it to do.”

AIMES Health Cloud provides researchers separate provisioning zones for intake, normalization, and analysis of data, allowing researchers to use advanced analytics tools and semantic processing to identify patterns that lead to more effective patient diagnosis and treatment. The solution was conceived in 2015 to support the Connected Health Cities project – an initiative that uses data and technology to improve healthcare across northern England – and allows customers to provision and decommission environments with the speed and flexibility of the cloud while providing researchers with highly available virtual access that complies with stringent U.K.’s National Health Service (NHS) data privacy regulations.

After experiencing maintenance and reliability challenges with its previous infrastructure, AIMES selected Pivot3 HCI and VMware Horizon and deployed its first customer on the solution in 2019. AIMES’ initial deployment was completed in record time, and subsequent deployments have allowed its team to meet project deadlines for compute-intensive environments more quickly and consistently than ever before.

Now, AIMES and its Health Cloud customers benefit from Pivot3’s HCI with GPU-based high performance for compute-intensive analytics applications, industry-leading resilience, guaranteed availability of compute resources and data, and reduced cost of ownership through single pane-of-glass management, streamlined maintenance and upgrades. With faster, on-time deployment of virtual spaces for projects, AIMES’ team is equipped to meet the needs of its growing customer base and help healthcare researchers advance their compute-intensive research initiatives in a secure environment.

“AIMES has distinguished itself within the U.K. market as a trusted cloud provider to the NHS, working hand in hand with top innovators to improve patient care and outcomes with incredibly advanced analysis of rich, unstructured data,” said Mike Dunbar, vice president sales, Pivot3. “With Pivot3’s flexible, resilient and simple to use infrastructure solutions designed for highly sensitive and mission-critical environments, their team is able to derive insights from vast collections of NHS data and ultimately save lives.”