Edifecs Specs

CrossWorlds, Edifecs bridge EDI gap

Burlingame, CA  April 12, 2001  CrossWorlds Software Inc. and Edifecs Inc. have announced an alliance aimed at helping companies extend their existing infrastructure across B2B exchanges using EDI standards. As part of the agreement, CrossWorlds, a business integration software provider, will resell Edifecs SpecBuilder, a solution for developing, migrating, and managing XML schema and EDI guidelines, with support available for other data types such as custom flat files.

The alliance brings CrossWorlds users a B2B standards-authoring toolset with an intuitive graphical user interface that provides transparent support for custom XML and EDI documents. In addition, the alliance extends Edifecs' line of trading partner and B2B standards solutions to the CrossWorlds customer community.

"This partnership is major step towards simplifying the otherwise complex components of e-business integration," said Sunny Singh, CEO of Edifecs. "CrossWorlds' proven integration platform, coupled with Edifecs SpecBuilder and our B2B standards expertise, will provide the necessary capabilities for companies to rapidly interact and transact transparently with trading partners. Adoption of SpecBuilder by the CrossWorlds community further validates SpecBuilder's role as the premier schema-authoring tool on the market."

"This alliance with Edifecs underscores CrossWorlds' commitment to providing customers with the most comprehensive technology to optimize business with trading partners," said Fred Amoroso, president and chief executive officer of CrossWorlds. "Our customers have stressed that exchanging EDI documents cost-effectively across B2B networks is critical to their business. By partnering with Edifecs and offering a comprehensive schema tool in SpecBuilder, we are reinforcing our commitment to delivering the tools they need to accelerate in today's market."

Through this partnership, CrossWorlds customers gain access to a repository of EDI business document specifications, providing native support for EDI documents directly through Edifecs SpecBuilder. SpecBuilder enables CrossWorlds customers to both create and modify existing specifications to more closely meet the need for both standard and customized EDI documents.

Edifecs is also developing a software bridge into the upcoming version 4.0 release of SpecBuilder to directly link its comprehensive export capabilities with CrossWorlds' file format. The addition of the bridge in all future SpecBuilder releases will enable migration of EDI standards into CrossWorlds eBusiness integration solutions, and is in line with the Edifecs goal of tightly integrating SpecBuilder with B2B solutions.