New Sage ERP X3 Release Provides Midsized Companies with Enterprise-Class ERP

Version 6.2 features enhanced usability, mobile access, and pre-configured, faster deployment

Irvine, CA——June 6, 2011—Sage North America announced its new ERP X3 V6.2 with new features designed to improve business insight, increase efficiencies, and scale with a business as it grows. As part of the Sage ERP portfolio, Sage ERP X3 is a full-service enterprise management software system for global mid-market companies designed to support the most elaborate business processes, while remaining cost-effective, quick to implement and simple to use.

By simplifying the management of international operations, this version allows businesses to run a global organization from one single instance of the system, while complying with the local regulations and business rules of each country in which they conduct business.

Sage ERP X3 V6.2 also presents Sage Visual Processes, a new method to access the ERP through simple, intuitive visual process flows. Now, users no longer need to toggle between multiple modules or deal with cumbersome menu choices. Further, through the Sage Enterprise WebTop, ease of use and collaboration are enhanced with mobile access to key areas. More improvements include user- defined dashboards and a powerful, embedded Business Intelligence engine, providing business leaders with deep business insight at all times. Also offered in a preconfigured version, Sage ERP X3 V6.2 Standard Edition is designed to accelerate implementation and bring best practices to businesses with limited IT resources.

"Sage ERP X3 was designed to offer flexibility, mobility, and simplicity in both the use and the implementation," said Laurie Schultz, SVP and general manager for Sage Business Solutions’ mid-market ERP. "Our research of midsized businesses has provided us with a close understanding of their needs. Businesses in the chemicals, food & beverage, hard goods manufacturing, life sciences, and wholesale distribution markets will benefit from Sage ERP X3’s deep functionality."

Sage ERP X3 facilitates businesses to:
  • Streamline operations and make better-informed decisions with:
    • Multi-legislation management supports multi-country operations within one single ERP solution providing complete visibility over company activity in real-time.
    • Sub-contracting management allows companies to outsource all or part of their production, from simple assemblies to complex creations. This function manages and controls all flows between the subcontractor and the contractor.
    • Manufacturing project management organizes a project from quote to production and is integrated into the company’s processes to ensure precise budget monitoring, 360 degree visibility within a project, and accurate traceability of a project’s progress.
  • Increase their efficiencies with improved usability using:
    • Sage Search, an innovative tool that facilitates system-wide, unified search through a simple search box accessible from any screen of the system. Powered by Exalead, Sage Search produces at-a-glance scanning of results, one- click access to related content, and true real-time search.
    • Sage Enterprise WebtopTM allows users, including mobile and external ones, to connect to Sage ERP X3 through personalized dashboards and portable widgets. By leveraging the Netvibes publishing platform, Sage Enterprise Webtop enables all users to directly participate in key business processes via a secure access to Sage ERP X3 data and workflows from any mobile device, as well as access to public, business or personal information (such as RSS feeds, social media, videos and more) via a personalized dashboard.
    • Sage Visual Processes: Role-based, visual process flows for simple navigation and quality procedures
  • Remain cost-effective with a choice of two Sage ERP X3 editions:
    • The Standard Edition of Sage ERP X3 is a preconfigured solution and implementation framework designed to maximize efficiency in businesses with fewer than 50 users, standard industry processes, and limited IT resources. It employs simple ergonomics to ensure users quickly become accustomed to the system and contains preset elements that represent customer best practices, helping companies to 'go live' quickly. Preconfigured elements include a role- based portal with 16 predefined roles, a library of over 200 standard visual process flows, predefined statistics and reports as well as a setup wizard tool, data migration tools and plug-and-play functionality.
    • The Premium Edition of Sage ERP X3 is ideal for businesses with many enterprise-specific specific processes or global operations. It is a tailored solution with an extensive choice of components for advanced business processes, extended connectivity and volume processing.

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