Point Pickup Technologies Merges Gamification with Labor

As the supply chain experiences numerous crisis including a labor gap, companies look to create better work environments and incentives for retention. Point Pickup's new app accomplishes this with gamification.

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Point Pickup Technologies announced that its previously in beta-app, GigPoint, is now live for flex workers to use to cultivate a healthy work environment. The app allows flexible workers to manage crucial aspects of their lives through job-based rewards and vital services like banking and insurance. Point Pickup’s 450,000 flex worker community now has access to the app. The launch comes at a crucial time in the supply chain, when workers now have the upper hand due to a labor shortage and employers embrace new ways to both attract new talent and retain current employees with a happy, healthy and fulfilling workplace. 

Per Point Pickup:

  • By completing successful orders through Point Pickup, flex workers will earn points that they can exchange for rewards like cash bonuses, vacations, service and product discounts, and other perks. Through PointTrust (in partnership with Sutton Bank, Member FDIC), flex workers can manage their finances effectively without worrying about overdraft or monthly fees. They can also purchase multiple affordable insurance packages, including health, dental, and vision, all through GigPoint.