Philip Morris International and E2open Announce Partnership to Create the Digital Supply Chain for a Smoke-free Future

Companies join together for a smoke-free future.


E2open and Phillip Morris International have joined together to create a digital supply chain for the smoke-free future. 

"We're excited to extend our partnership with E2open, bringing innovation and best-in-class digital services to the core of our supply chain," says Massimo Andolina, senior vice president of PMI operations. "This strategic partnership will play a pivotal role in future transforming our supply chain to support the timely and efficient delivery of smoke-free products to adult consumers globally."

PMI has committed to creating a smoke-free future. Statistics of cigarette businesses and over 10 years of scientific research and technology development, gave PMI the resources to pursue this ambitious vision and to make its array of innovative, science-based smoke-free products the icons of the future. 

"We are honored to support Philip Morris International on their journey to make this vision a reality and are committed to our partnership," says Michael Farlekas, president and chief executive officer of E2open. "E2open offers a suite of secure and trusted cloud solutions in supply chain integration that allow companies to reduce their cost of ownership and IT complexity."