GEODIS Launches Latest Supply Chain Transparency Solution

Upply allows users to understand where they can benefit from within the marketplace.


GEODIS launched Upply, a digital supply chain solution, that has the first set of features that will bring more transparency and flexibility to the marketplace.

"Our global strategy of innovation and digital transformation is twofold: while continuing to digitize our core business and to invest in our strategic assets to enhance both customer experience and productivity, we capitalize on our experience as the pioneer in 4PL to take it one step further and create a true digital market-place, meeting the demands of an increasingly fast-paced Supply Chain market," explains Marie-Christine Lombard, chairman and CEO of GEODIS.

Upply caters to everyone within the supply chain. Its smart features dispenses instant freight quotes while giving data-driven market insights. The solution's proprietary algorithms reveal market prices and trends at any given time, allowing users to understand where they can benefit from.

"the supply chain industry is facing tremendous challenges. These problems highlight the need to reset the fundamentals so that the business potential of every player can be unleashed. Price volatility, information opacity, overbooking, last-minute cancellations, pressure on capacities and under-utilization are all market defects that hinder the market's efficiency and its capacity to meet demand," Boris Pernet, CEO of Upply says. "Upply was created to overcome these challenges by combining logistics expertise and data science. Eventually, Upply will be the marketplace for users to make informed decisions and generate fluid exchanges. It is founded on the principles of information transparency, control and flexibility."