Drones to Takeover Walmart Aisles

Walmart may soon have drones flying down aisles to help boost the customer experience.


In science fiction novels, it is often described how robots will replace humans in the workforce. What was once depicted as fantasy is slowly becoming a reality for some stores, at least for Walmart anyways.

Forbes reports that Walmart has filed a patent for drones to help shoppers in its stores. By communicating with a mobile device, the drone flies over to help you find what you need. In the patent application it states, "If, for example, the user has requested navigation assistance to an item selected from a virtual shopping list on the mobile electronic device, the computing device can control the aerial drone to provide navigation assistance to guide the user to the location of the selected item."

Drones are becoming more common within stores to help improve customer experience.  Amazon has recently filed a patent for a delivery drone that reacts to voice commands and gestures, and Lowes made the news last year when it introduced the Lowebot, Forbes reports. 

InMoment, a cloud-based customer experience intelligence pioneer, gives brands insights on what will drive their business forward. While technology is a powerful tool, human-to-human interactions is still essential, according to Forbes. In a 2018 CX Trends Report, it finds that humans can make or break a customer's experience. The study finds that 65 percent of consumers report that staff interaction highly influences their decision to buy more from a brand. Experiences influenced by human interaction is hard for a drone or a robot to replicate. At least for now. 

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