Decision Software Selects Cloud-Hosting Partner

Real Cloud Solutions to provide the company’s existing and new customers with quality cloud hosting and technical support

Wellington, Fla.Feb. 21, 2014Decision Software Systems announced that it partnered with Real Cloud Solutions to provide its existing clients and new customers with a quality cloud-hosting and technical support solution.

The Real Cloud Solutions cloud platform allows for quick and effortless application deployment, subscription-based software-licensing costs, reduction in information technology (IT) hardware and data storage costs, and eliminates time and money spent on software maintenance while improving scalability. With cloud-based systems, users can gain access to all of the advantages of using application software without having to incur the cost of in-house hardware, and technical infrastructure development and support.

"There is strong cross-market interest in cloud services due to an increasing demand for reducing total cost of ownership (TCO) for IT investment and systems across many markets," stated Rick Cluthe, president and COO of Real Cloud Solutions. "Decision Software recognized these considerable benefits and wanted to bring this option to their customers using our cloud solution services," commented Cluthe.

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