Ioxus Launches Thin Cell iMOD Ultracapacitor Module

iMOD series with THiNCAP modules serve up small form factor

Oneonta, N.Y.August 7, 2012Ioxus Inc., a manufacturer of premium performance ultracapacitor technology for transportation, alternative energy, medical, industrial and consumer product markets, now offers its thin cell ultracapacitor module designs worldwide for power conditioning and automated guided vehicle (AGV) applications.

Ioxus THiNCAP iMOD modules consist of high power, thin, flexible ultracapacitor packs, instead of cylindrical cells, for use in a variety of applications where small form factor is valued. The THiNCAP iMOD modules save space and weight to provide users with a reduced total cost of ownership. They are ideal for power conditioning and voltage sag compensation in short-term uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) to protect against voltage disruptions and ensure a smooth power supply to factory equipment and mission-critical applications. Additionally, AGVs and robotics benefit from the quick charge and long life of the Ioxus THiNCAP iMOD modules, cutting charge times in half and increasing productivity and operating time while eliminating the need for battery replacement or charging.

“The THiNCAP iMOD modules provide customers with an ideal form factor and power capabilities to improve application performance, and allow Ioxus to expand into new global markets,” said Mark McGough, Chief Executive Officer of Ioxus. “By adding thin-cell ultracapacitor modules to Ioxus’ existing line of cylindrical cells and hybrid capacitors, we are now able to give customers the most extensive technology offerings in the industry to meet their application needs.”

The cell design of the THiNCAP iMOD modules can also reduce cooling requirements as it allows for heat mitigation through double-sided cooling. The modules are used for numerous applications such as power conditioning, copy machines and peak power shaving systems.

Key features and benefits of the THiNCAP iMOD modules for AGV applications include:

  • Quick charge and long life increase productivity and reduce operation costs
  • Complete system available, including DC-DC, to fit a range of applications
  • Maintenance-free to reduce total cost of ownership
  • Restriction of hazardous substances (RoHS) compliant


Key features and benefits of the THiNCAP iMOD modules for power conditioning applications include:

  • Low equivalent series resistance (ESR) for higher efficiency and power capabilities
  • Front terminal products to replace or enhance common rack mount battery systems
  • Size compatibility for all common rack enclosures, including 19-inch, 23-inch wide and greater than 20-inches in depth
  • Highest possible energy content per shelf for a capacitor-based system with up to 40 kilowatt (10s) per 4U rack slot; provides up to 101 percent more energy than the competition
  • Maintenance-free to reduce total cost of ownership
  • RoHS compliant