Intermec Introduces Solution for Mobile Business Communications

New release adds high-performance communications to mobile applications with little to no client-side programming

Everett, WA—Sept. 28, 2011—Intermec announced the newest version of Skynax – a comprehensive mobility management system with a single system approach for mobile data exchange, integrated application and device management, support and security. 

Skynax transforms and integrates business data between mobile applications and host systems in real-time, providing mobile workers with complete, up-to-date information.

“As mobility continues to be critical to the success of enterprise organizations, Intermec is committed to delivering solutions that help reduce the complexities associated with extending back-office business applications to mobile workforces,” said Larry Klimczyk, vice president, Intermec Global Solutions. ”With a significant number of corporate users, Intermec’s Skynax Mobility Management is a proven solution for business critical mobility communications.” 

Skynax is designed to improve access by mobile workers to the most timely data, applications and host system in single system, compared to multiple products that can struggle to achieve seamless integration.  Fit for customers in field service, direct store delivery, presales and merchandising, transportation and logistics, and public safety, Skynax is comprised of a suite of server, desktop and mobile device software applications and connects mobile workers with the data to power business critical processes.

Intermec’s Skynax Mobility Management solution addresses IT and business challenges within five key areas and provides significant cost savings. In a single, integrated system, Skynax saves money, improves reliability and reduces complexity by offering the following:

  • Data synchronization: Skynax helps to reduce the inherent synchronization inefficiencies and slower response times associated with simple file transfer or database replication. Not only does Skynax automate and accelerate data synchronization processes so a system is ready to easily meet peak user demands, it also provides the ability to monitor and control the exchange of all business data. Because Skynax is extensible and adaptable, business data can be transformed and integrated between mobile applications and host systems in real-time, empowering mobile workers with the complete, up-to-date details they need to be efficient and informed.
  • Network connectivity & utilization: Skynax helps enable enterprises to optimize network utilization and control network connectivity for mobile applications – helping to reduce communication expenses between 10-40 percent.  In addition, Skynax allows IT departments to centrally monitor and manage all communications with an audit trail and is scalable to grow business.
  • Security: Skynax installs as a secure system right out-of-the-box with world-class security through FIPS compliant authentication and encryption methods to allow business data to be transmitted securely through any private or public network and assures compliance with security and device configuration standards.
  • Device management: Skynax allows administrators to fully automate the management of device settings with intuitive “set and forget” remote configuration options, thereby reducing the need for continuous ad-hoc IT intervention.  By automating device management, improving the efficiency of application deployment, and giving users the ability to dynamically provision any device on demand, Skynax alleviates network strain, improves system management efficiency and reduces costs by as much as $600 over the life of each device.
  • User support: Skynax Remote Assist facilitates problem diagnosis, documentation and resolution through real-time collaboration features allowing support team specialists to work together effectively regardless of location. Helpdesk operators can reach out across the network to view what users are seeing on their device display and then remotely control the device to provide stranded users with assistance and training.

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