Reltio Empowers Data Leaders with Data Unification and AI

Reltio announces the latest release of the Reltio Connected Data Platform, which further empowers data leaders by enhancing its AI-powered platform and offerings.

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Reltio announces the latest release of the Reltio Connected Data Platform, which further empowers data leaders by enhancing its AI-powered platform and offerings: Reltio Customer 360 Data Product™, Reltio Multidomain MDM and Reltio Entity Resolution.

Reltio’s release includes new velocity packs, additional audience-segmentation capabilities for Customer 360 Data Product, premium business continuity service featuring cross-regional disaster recovery and enhanced data resiliency and expanded generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities.

"Trusted data is the cornerstone of successful business transformation and AI, which is why we are excited to deliver market-leading products that revolutionize data unification and management," says Manish Sood, CEO and founder of Reltio. "Our customers rely on us to deliver consistently reliable data in milliseconds and at scale for their business-critical operations. This newest version of our platform is rich in features and benefits to help boost performance, speed, and ease of use. It also provides even more value through our greater use of GenAI, so our customers can more quickly extract valuable insights and gain a competitive edge through analytics, machine learning, and data science."

Key Takeaways:

  • New audience segmentation and activation capabilities within the Reltio Customer 360 Data Product provide sales, service, and marketing teams access to the right data at the right time.
    • Users can more easily create, manage and activate trusted and dynamic customer data segments with a new audience segmentation user interface and enhanced GenAI-driven skills for data exploration.
    • Using the Reltio Intelligent Assistant (RIA), a GenAI-powered conversational assistant, users can explore customer data and create granular, dynamically updated segments.
  • New velocity packs deployed via the Reltio Multidomain MDM product help users jumpstart their master data management journeys. Like all Reltio velocity packs, these new entrants include industry-specific data models and prebuilt components so users can implement a modern data management program and quickly experience value.
    • Reltio for Supplier accelerates unifying and standardizing supplier data across the enterprise, helping companies optimize supply chain performance and reduce compliance risk. It includes an out-of-the-box data model and a preconfigured user interface, match rules, and pre-built integrations and mappings for rapid time-to-value and lower data error risk. Its prebuilt components replace extensive manual effort and configuration for getting started.
    • Reltio for Product makes it easier for users to manage inventory effectively and boost product sales. It includes a prebuilt data model and prebuilt configurations, a preconfigured user interface, and match rules for rapid time-to-value and lower error risk. Users of this velocity pack can accelerate their product innovation and fine-tune their sales strategies based on understanding how various products are performing in the market. Reltio has enhanced the ability to create a wizard-like experience for creating new profiles and support conditional attributes, which make creating and updating product information easier and ensure data quality.
  • Reltio Business Critical Edition is a premium business-continuity offering for Reltio Multidomain MDM and Reltio 360 Data Product customers that addresses the need for continuously available, trusted, real-time data serving mission-critical business operations so companies can avoid outages and data loss. It offers multi-zone, mirrored tenants with "hot" standby disaster recovery configurations for enterprises with strict uptime and data resiliency requirements and enables cross-region failover. It provides recovery-time objectives of less than 4 hours and recovery-point objectives of less than 5 minutes. In addition, Business Critical Edition includes capabilities like AWS PrivateLink for secure data transfer over a virtual private cloud (VPC) and Reltio Shield for data encryption using customer-specific keys.