Westfalia Technologies Launches Savanna.NET Warehouse Execution System

The warehouse management and control system directs, controls, and optimizes internal material flow and order picking

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York, Pa.Jan. 22, 2015Westfalia Technologies, Inc., a provider of logistics solutions for manufacturers, warehouses and distribution centers since 1992, announced the launch of its Savanna.NET Warehouse Execution System (WES). A unique warehousing software solution, Savanna.NET combines a tightly integrated warehouse management system (WMS) and warehouse control system (WCS) into a single application to help manufacturers and distributors direct, control, and optimize internal material flow and order picking.

With the flexibility to operate as a standalone software solution, or with any automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS)—not only Westfalia’s own AS/RS—the Savanna.NET WES simplifies and controls the entire warehousing process, while reducing the complexity of using several different function-specific applications. As a result, users can more efficiently utilize warehouse space and equipment, increase order accuracy, improve customer service, reduce the risk of lost or damaged product, and raise throughput and productivity.

Dave Williams, director of software development for Westfalia Technologies, said, “As more manufacturers and distributors turn to automation, there becomes a stronger emphasis on using software applications to more efficiently run warehouse operations. Yet, the use of interdependent WMS and WCS applications has actually proven less efficient, as it increases the complexity of transaction processing and requires complicated integrations. A WES is a key to overcome these challenges by helping users streamline all warehousing activities through a single application and position themselves for future growth.”

Savanna.NET offers users the functionality necessary to efficiently receive, store and track product, as well as optimally marry inventory to customer orders using the solution’s integrated order fulfillment processing capabilities. When an order is to be fulfilled, Savanna.NET processes that order into units of work. Using the Savanna.NET solution’s integrated WCS functionality, the application directs either automated material-handling equipment or manual labor to execute the work. Inventory tracking also occurs seamlessly utilizing the software’s WMS components. In addition, Savanna.NET has the flexibility for a variety of deployment options, ensuring that users receive the WES solution that best meets their needs.

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