AI-Powered Risk Assessment Calculator to Secure Digital Workplace

This calculator is designed to help organizations bolster their risk and compliance posture.

Pexels Cybersecurity

Aware debuted what is said to be industry’s most accurate Risk Assessment Calculator. The state-of-the-art tool helps IT, compliance and risk teams quantify and mitigate risk within their collaboration data by delivering contextual intelligence. 

“Firms need to focus on creating a robust compliance process and a culture of compliance. Companies who implement AI-powered solutions such as Aware will quickly find they are able to better manage their data, quickly locate the needles in the haystack, and drive stronger active compliance and risk posture,” says Brian Mannion, chief legal officer at Aware.


Key takeaways:


  • This calculator is designed to help organizations bolster their risk and compliance posture. 
  • The data cited in Aware’s Risk Assessment Calculator is backed by the 2023 Risk Awareness Benchmark report, which contains proprietary research conducted utilizing its AI-powered platform, AwareIQ.
  • Satisfy stakeholders across the enterprise and remain audit-ready by unifying management of collaboration data across an ecosystem into one immutable archive.
  • Maintain and preserve data, avoid financial penalties, and comply with record-keeping provisions.
  • Stay ahead of reputational threats and minimize litigation risks by identifying unauthorized information share, toxicity and more.